A r t
M u s i c
C o d e a n d P r o g r a m s
S e r i a l E x p e r i m e n t s G a m e
W o r l d s E p i c M o m e n t
M y s t e r i o u s S o n g
B a n n e r s

VelvetRope> you can call me COBITCH-19
VelvetRope> call nexialist COCKBiG.19
Lavi> Why saying bad words.
BelladonnaCove> Absolute Yikes
Lavi> Im not supposed to listen that
Lavi> /read.
ewmaddie2069> yike
VelvetRope> true
EyedArgus> you can get arrested for cuss word
VelvetRope> punish me lavi
Volta> Im gonna pretent I didnt see that
Volta> or that
VelvetRope> i won't curse ever again
VelvetRope> give me a punishment
Lavi> Hmmmm
EyedArgus> curse and they send units to your front door
Lavi> You will not be able to connect worlds.
Volta> Death penalty
Lavi> For the next 50 years.
Wirlaburla> ban
VelvetRope> !
LsdGoon> make a jail
Lavi> Bye Bye.
EyedArgus> bye bye
Lavi> Rest in Spaghett.
HOST-Knacken> I would like to appologise for anything VelvetRope has said, he has been booted
cakevipalt3> Finally wooo
Causanja> Thanks
ewmaddie2069> HOT
Volta> He got what he wanted
Lavi> This is a worlds epic moment.
LsdGoon> wait what happened
Lavi> Oh you lost it.
Lavi> Sorry didnt recorded it.
LsdGoon> bruh what did i miss