quick introduction

nana825761 is a japanese animator residing in kanagawa, japan. the video which put his name out there was username 666. if i had to take a guess, id say that a lot of people have seent his video without paying much mind to the man behind it. nana825763 also goes by the name ぴろぴと (PiroPito) on ニコニコ. honestly, there isnt much of a biography about nana, plus hes never shown his face online.

username 666

uploaded february 26 2008, the video begins with the user trying to access the channel "666" on youtube, only to be greeted by a message announcing 'this account is suspended'. after 12 refreshes of the page, all the thumbnails for the recommended videos disappear and the number 666 in their place.

in the words of whoever captioned the video...
'thanos must have snapped away the thumbnails'

6 refreshes later and most of the text on screen is replaced with 'dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd' as well as nana's username being replaced with 6666666666. one more refresh and the website background turns red (#aa0000 to be precise!). a further refesh gives the red background a noise texture until a single refresh later when most of the background goes black. five more refreshes and the background changes once more to a trypophobia-enducing mess. 3 more and we finally get to see the channel for '666'.

from there, nana goes on to watch a video uploaded by user 666, and yeah, its pretty creepy. if you havent seen username 666 yet, you really should, its an internet classic.

easter eggs

if we squint really hard on 666's channel, we can make out that it's name is piropito, a reference to nana's own ニコニコ account, as well as a geocities url. unfortunately, geocities is dead, but with the power of the wayback machine, i got some screenshots for you.



here is his website if you want to check the wayback machine for yourself.

moving away from username 666, nana has a plethora of youtube lets plays of minecraft of his channel. given that nana has supposedly, according to a ranking channel on youtube, made the most disturbing video on youtube (i dont buy it), these minecraft videos are wholesome asf and i genuinely enjoy watching them plus he has a nice voice.