Terry A. Davis

"What's reality? I don't know.
When my bird was looking at my computer I thought,
'that bird has no idea what he's looking at.'
And yet what does the bird do?
Does he panic?
No, he can't really panic,
he just does the best he can.
Is he able to live in a world where he's so ignorant?
Well, he doesn't really have a choice.
The bird is okay even though he doesn't understand the world.
You're that bird looking at the monitor,
And you're thinking to yourself,
'I can figure this out.'
Maybe you have some bird ideas.
Maybe that's the best you can do.

You know the secret.
The difference between heaven and hell.
It's like doing your work.
You feel really shitty if you don't do your work.
If you do your work, it's fucking awesome.