The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet

A r t
M u s i c
C o d e a n d P r o g r a m s
S e r i a l E x p e r i m e n t s G a m e
W o r l d s E p i c M o m e n t
M y s t e r i o u s S o n g
B a n n e r s

Recorded from a German radio station in the 1980s, the 'Most Mysterious Song on the Internet' had grown a large following on the Internet. But why? Why would people care about a song from the German 80s? Well, firstly it's a great song; I find myself humming it frequently. Another factor is the Internet loves to solve mysteries, and what better mystery than an amazing song. Since the song surfaced in 2007, nobody has figured out who was behind the it. Although, a few band have been suspected, but disproven. One of these bands is The Sinking Ships, with their song Strangers. People suspected the band to be behind the songs as the singer, Colin Hopkirk, sounds eerily close to the vocals heard in the song. While I can see where people were coming from, the timeline does not add up. If the song was recorded in the 80s, then it wouldn't make sense for a band formed in 2004 to have been behind it. The Sinking Ships were also an American Band, not a German one.

Moving on from the subject of figuring out who wrote the song, I will ask you...
Do we really need to know where the song came from or who wrote it?
The answer is no. We don't need to know. As I see it, the song can stand as a void of unrecognised talent and fake nostalgia. Now isn't that a nice thought?
Dispite what I say, of course the hunt will not end. The Internet simply does not work that way. I just hope that after reading this you will see the beauty in the unknown.