What is OnlyFriends?

OnlyFrieds is decentralised social network created by me (Volta) and Vomit Boy

What is a decentralised social network?

A decentralised social network is just what it sounds like - a social network which is not ran off of a specific server, but individual profiles are hosted by the users. You may be wondering what the use in this might be; the answer is simple. Since there is no center server, there is no way for us to hold data and information about our users. A benifit of this is guaranteed privacy. Since we cannot hold data about you, you get to pick and choose what you share.

How can I join?

You cannot join, this is not a traditional social network therefore there is no sign-up page. A way you can get involved is by hosting your profile individually. The easiest way to do this is to use Neocities.

  • Sign up to Neocities
  • Find your index.html and style.css files
  • Download the source code below
  • Open the index source code and copy it
  • Paste it into your index.html file on Neocities
  • Do the same with your style.css file
  • Customise your profile as you see fit
  • If you are already on Neocities, create a directory called 'OnlyFriends' and upload the source files there.

    If you are going to be using your Neocities website for anything else, you should also make a directory instead of setting your profile as the main index and style files.

    I'm all set up, now how do I add friends?

    You can add friends to your profile by using links.
    To do this, edit the source code to include a link to your friends in the div called 'friends'. You will see example code which adds me as your friend, feel free to just copy-paste that and change some links to go elsewhere.

    Once you're ready, head over to the community guestbook to talk and share your profile link

    The source code