What is JiQi?

Where can I use JiQi

Does It Have A Cute Anime Girl?

What Are The Commands?

What is JiQi?

JiQi is a multi-purpose Discord bot that at the moment serves a few purposes. I started work on it at the start of March 2022 as a hobby project, and since then I have been working on it semi-consistantly (not consistantly).

Where Can I Use JiQi?

I can start by telling you where you cant use JiQi: any other server than Cyber Kick-Back. To put it simply, i suck at programming and have, instead of making a control panel where you can enter your own channel IDs for welcome messages and such, hard-coded my own channels into the bot. I had to remove the bot from my friends servers after I kept getting pings whenever a new person joined/left their server.

Does It Have A Cute Anime Girl as its Avatar?

Indeed it does.

What Are The Commands?

Good question


This just makes JiQi say hello. It's pretty much a test to make sure she's working alright.

++say {message}

There's a channel called 'JiQI' and basically you can send a 'JiQi Says:' to that channel

++whisper {message}

Send a message annonymously to the 'JiQi' channel

The difference between those two is that ++say makes the message appear as if it is from JiQi, ++whisper doesnt.

++r34 {search tag}

Porn. It's just porn.

++pat {@user}

Show your affection through a headpat!

++slap {@user}

Show your hatred through a slap!

++translate {message}

Translate a message into English (more languages coming soon)

The Google Translate library is broken as shit. A funny bug is that 'bonjour' is detected as English


Very funny memes


Rickroll everyone in the server in less than 144p

++show {image url}

Send an image into the JiQI channel

++wiki {search}

Search wikipedia, works sometimes

++def {search}

Grab a definition from Urban Dictionary