You were not born in the wrong generation, here's why.

What's that I hear? You were born in the wrong generation? I beg to differ. You are here, right now, whining about your generation over the Internet. Do you think you would be able to tell people about how you are so special because you like music from the 80s if you were born in a period before the Internet? No, you wouldn't. In fact, the Internet is amazing! We can listen to music from any generation from the comfort of our beds! You do not need to be born in the 1980s to enjoy the music of the time. Also, I bet you use the Internet everyday. Better yet, do you complain about people being reliant on the Internet, over the Internet? If not, good on you. If so, why? The Internet is a great tool for entertainment and education, or would you rather have been born in the 15th century before education was common? Not to mention the hypocracy;

"Oh everyone, please get off your phone and do something with your life!"
~ A person using Twitter

I mean, of course people are attached to their smartphones, but Jesus Christ please don't complain about that crowd if you are part of it!

What was that? You use old protocols such as gopher? Gee, you must be a very unique individual. You use Windows 95 for a e s t h e t i c s ? First of all, Windows 95, while it may give you your a e s t h e t i c fix, you must admit that it doesn't hold up anymore. And to the people who use old protocols, social medias and 3d entertainment portals: you complain that there isn't enough new content or active users, but continue to praise yourself for discovering a relic of the past. If you want people to come, don't call it that. Old is usually seen as shit. Therefore, people will not be interested. Then the question comes...

Do you really like the things you're using, or are you just using them as a way to feel unique?

If the answer is yes, I don't actually care because there's nothing I can do and I guess if you get hard over big beige boxes then to each their own, but if this is not the case, then you're on the right track. You should use things because they are of benifit to you any not just so you can fit into an a e s t h e t i c

In conclusion, you were born in the right generation. A generation where you can listen to music of the past, watch movies of the past, read books of the past and explore new and emerging technologies.

Yours sincerely, a guy who is currently listening to Save A Prayer on a cassette