e n g l i g h t e n m e n t

cyber immortality

how do you know im alive? well, obviously youre reading this, but do you really know for certain that i am not just an advanced AI typing and uploading this? short answer is: you dont. as much as im sure youd like to argue that that idea is unreasonably far-fetched, its definately not impossible. to put it simply, living is different depending on whether its your existance or another persons view of your existance. by my logic, you can live forever in the eyes of others, but not yourself -- which is still immortality.
so, wat do you have to do to live forever within the cyber space? its simple! just turn yourself into a bot of some kind and make "yourself" post on social media. ideally you should set this up as soon as you can, and then maybe set it loose yourself or have someone wait until you "die" to start it up for you. and boom! now youll still be alive in the minds of thousans of people who come across your social media pages!

yesterday is today

what if we are living a replay of yesterdays events? perhaps thats why we get deja vu; weve already experienced it. maybe the reason we have plans for tomorrow is because tomorrow is also today since if today is yesterday then today must have happened in some way. i think the literal today is being lived out by a version of ourselves from a different reality with a different time line. yes! thats it! assuming there are alternate realities, there are some where we have lived tomorrow, yesterday and today. we are either the version of ourself who is living today or yesterday