Dream Catchers


I do not remember much, but I vididly remember a group of around 7 spiders hanging from the same string. They were all in a bunch and their legs were dangling downwards to give the look of a brush. I was sat on my bed watching and wondering how I can get them all out of my room. After what felt like a minute of watching them, which would be 2 hours when converted from dream-time, the web snapped and in the blink of an uncontious eye they all ran in different directions. I remember flicking one off of the bottom of my bed but I cannot recall where the rest went.


Unfortunatly I did not sleep last night. I just stayed wake drawing, talking to people and messing with my old navi. Maybe that was all a dream... If that's so, then how am I typing this dispite not having woken up? Perhaps I am still dreaming... No, that can't be right; if I were doing this in my dreams, you wouldn't be able to read this. But how do I know that you are reading this? Maybe all 9,000 of you are background characters of my dream. Even the background characters are the main characters in their story, so does that mean we are all main characters? in that case, we are all sharing the same dream... I wonder when we'll wake up...


No memories of a dream.