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Up the ICT3 Madlads 23rd when you search Neocities for lain Not disabling right-clicking since 2005 Pretty big site upgrade, ey? Too fast to read? Git gud. "A hole's a hole" -Evan "Eat ass, smoke grass" -Grady "Man those were some good tacos - Martin Luther King" -Cian "Blow your load then hit the road" -Kailan "Ejaculate and evacuate" -Grady "When the red river flowin take the dirt road home" -Cian "Motorboat tits an give no shits" -Kailan "Do drugs and eat slugs" -Kailan "They aren't (epic backflip) -Nikola Tesla" -Cian Don't do school and stay in drugs" -Grady "The names Bin Ladin and I can't stop fartin" -Kailan "Popeye the sailor man once said I went knock knock and shot him with a glock" -Cian "Popeye the sailor man his favourite chips are mccaine and snorts cocaine" -Kailan "Popeye the sailor didn't know how to spell then through a kid into a well" -Cian "Popeye the sailor man in minecraft he likes to mine he molested mr mime" -Kailan "With only clarity engulfed inside our eyes, Untactful tounge and insightful minds, We lie here,torn apart a couple thousond times, But though the fires we will arise, Unharmed Untouched Unused Screaming nothing but anthems For this underrated youth" -Grady "I cried when I found out Hitler was dead" -Grady

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Hello traveller, welcome to my site
91,000 views in and i decided it was time for a redesign. My previous design was pretty consistant, but not really, but this new one is top class for consistancy B)

you are here

(The yellow circle is the interet)

This site is pretty much just a show case for my works, random thoughts and anything i feel like hyperfixating on for a while

the planning that went into this site: