Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

23rd when you search Neocities for lain Not disabling right-clicking since 2005 Pretty big site upgrade, ey? Too fast to read? Git gud. What do you mean you're not connected?! My laptop struggled to run my old website, why did I think this would be a good idea? "Eat ass, smoke grass" -Grady "Man those were some good tacos - Martin Luther King" -Cian "Blow your load then hit the road" -Kailan "Ejaculate and evacuate" -Grady "When the red river flowin take the dirt road home" -Cian "Motorboat tits an give no shits" -Kailan "Do drugs and eat slugs" -Kailan "They aren't (epic backflip) -Nikola Tesla" -Cian Don't do school and stay in drugs" -Grady "The names Bin Ladin and I can't stop fartin" -Kailan "Popeye the sailor man once said I went knock knock and shot him with a glock" -Cian "Popeye the sailor man his favourite chips are mccaine and snorts cocaine" -Kailan "Popeye the sailor didn't know how to spell then through a kid into a well" -Cian "Popeye the sailor man in minecraft he likes to mine he molested mr mime" -Kailan "With only clarity engulfed inside our eyes, Untactful tounge and insightful minds, We lie here,torn apart a couple thousond times, But though the fires we will arise, Unharmed Untouched Unused Screaming nothing but anthems For this underrated youth" -Grady "I cried when I found out Hitler was dead" -Grady

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Is this enough?


All too often I will go onto another person's website and think to myself, 'I wish my site was this good.' After that, I often create some kind of resemblance to that corner of the Wired in my corner of the Wired. It seems like no matter how happy I am and how proud I am of my work, it never seems to be enough. I will be content with this layout and design for maybe a few months if I'm lucky, but then I'm almost certain that I will get bored of it and flip the whole site on its head, remove all of these 'diary' entries which seem so important to me at the moment and act as if they never even mattered.
Is this necessarily a bad thing? No, it's a natural evolution of my artistic expression in the form of lines of HTML and CSS. If I never changed things up, then I would be stuck in the same boring loop and in the same place. I'm telling you about this because it does scare me, as much as I would like to pretend that it doesn't. For whatever reason, I'm worried that I'll never be happy with any of my work and that I will continue to compare myself to others and then I will become another fucking Fauux clone. If I ever become a Fauux clone, someone tell me to just delete my site. No hate at all to Fauux, more to the many clones.

I'm a real indie teen now, right?


Today I went down to the river with 5 of my friends to go for a swim, and oh boy was it fun. I will be refering to them all by the first character of their names. D was the first one to get in and, since she is short and the water wasn't even up to her knees at first, K and I (that's not an initial, that's me) followed her in. After a while of us 3 messing around in the water, M decided to take a dip, now the only people left to get in are B and H. H got in for a while and B didn't get in at all since she had to be home by 4pm, which was way before anyone else had to go in. That, and the fact the she was wearing white shorts and didn't want to ruin them I guess. D, K and I all decided that we would go as far up as we could go and get into the water from there and have a race back to home base. After a while, we figured out that it was really fun to dive in from the slight height we had in the new area, so then we all moved all of our stuff into our new area.
In the first half of our stay at the river, we ended up speaking to another group of people who had the same idea as us -- or they saw how much fun we were all having and decided to go for a dip. They were all a few years older than us and when they left, the black-haired man threw a pair of trousers near the river and revealed that he was wearing 2 pairs of trousers and 2 pairs of boxers, so that's interesting.
Why am I telling you about this? Well, I really enjoyed today and I wanted to share. The group has already planned to do the same thing tomorrow with one extra person (to the dismay of K). I guess I'm a true indie teenager now, doing exciting stuff like jumping in rivers and hanging around in fields with the crew drinking straight water.

What next?

I made a website that looks cool, great, but what next? Surely nobody wants to come to a site with no content other than one blog entry, a few drawings, a game review and a knock-off Pirate Bay for obscure music, right? Well, I've taken this into mind and have decided to use this place as a more personal place to run and hide to and you can all sit back in be entertained by my vein pictures, existential crisis' and maybe even find something interesting here

So, what can you find here? I will be trying to update this website as much as possible with reviews, photos I take and general blog enteries; that being said, I will try not to overshare too much.

I've been feeling really unmotivated recently (by recently, I mean around 7 months) and that makes it hard to focus on any of the things I used to love doing - things like learning programming, maths, and writing. I've been trying to shift my attitude towards life, so hopefully come September I won't be an absolute fucking mess by the time school starts again.

Oh and I'm gonna be getting a tablet soon, so I'll get to work on some digital art

Expect more content soon

New beginnings

Wow, I finally turned this website into something I can be proud of! Finally it's not just a black div on top of a vaporwave background with a few links and a guestbook. I am hoping to use this corner of the Wired as an online portfolio to show my programs, code, art and music.

So, where did the name come from?

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome is the warped perception of reality - it would make a great band name, don't you think?
Well i'm glad you agree, because my bandmates didn't! We are currently in the process of trying to come up with a band name, one of the members has tried using a random name generator; that shit isn't gonna fly. There is also the case of 'let's not have "The" in our name, m'kay?'. So I've been trying to drill that idea into their heads in the most polite way possible